Off Shore

Tunnel Boring Machine's (TBM)

The unique and specific requirements of tunnel boring machines and the environments and hazards that they are exposed to require a considered engineering approach.  All aspects of fire detection and protection are called into play when the risk that you are protecting is manned in a confined environment with limited escape routes and is effectively remote and isolated.  These are some of the considerations that come to bear when protecting these metal monsters of the deep.

The multi-stage machines have a variety of risk areas that need protecting and employ differing technologies to achieve this.  AFFF (Aquious Film Forming Foam) is used for the protection of the hydraulic system, which is capable of tackling both solid and liquid fires, such as petrols and oils. Gasseous fire suppression in the form of IG55 is used in the electrical switchgear cabinet areas and water curtains provide a safe exit route for personnel and wash down the potential smoke and debris in the atmosphere. 

Newer technologies such as watermist are being introduced to overcome some of the side effects of gasseous suppression such as the sudden increase of gas pressure in the risk area, which needs to be accomodated in the confined environment.