Off Shore

Fire and gas detection, suppression and control for the oil and gas industry 

Industrial Design’s principal offerings to the offshore sector are carbon dioxide extinguishing for vent stacks and specialist offshore fire and gas detection systems

For example, one problem that we often encounter on offshore gas rigs is lightning igniting the gas exiting the vent stack. Our systems are able to detect the problem and extinguish the resultant fire using carbon dioxide. Another common situation is fire caused by roller bearings running dry in an oil based generator enclosure. Again, years of experience mean we can provide the right solution. 

But when you contact us all you need to know is the nature of the risk. Is it a room, vent stack or turbine? What is the basic construction; is the risk in a cabinet or enclosure or on deck? Our team will build the rest of the speciation following a detailed requirements capture.

By working closely with the project manager, maintenance manager or consultant, as well as their purchasing teams, we are able to deliver the right fire and/or gas detection system for most oil and gas industry applications. 

In fact, most of our applications are tailor made for each client. We are able to combine the flexibility of an agile and dynamic specialist with hardware procured using our contacts in the fire safety industry’s most respected and reliable manufacturers. 

All of our work complies with the relevant British and European EN standards and we are experienced in helping our customers meet the legislative requirements for fire protection and health and safety. Ultimately though, the bottom line is the safety of the personnel onboard. 

To make an enquiry or find out more about our services, contact Chad Ralph on 0870 128 3835 or e-mail