In addition to supporting our projects we are able to source and supply materials for calibration and maintenance or system expansion. We select components from a broad supplier base, as we are not limited to any corporate brand.

We can advise on materials and techniques for calibration or routine maintenance of field equipment.


As an independent company, Industrial Design can supply and design systems making use of Addressable and Non-addressable control panels from other manufacturers. These control panels may be required for small, independent, localised areas or networked panels covering site wide protection.

Crucially, we will source the most appropriate control system for the application to provide reliability, affordability and ultimately customer satisfaction.


HMI (Human Machine Interface) presents data from a process or control system in a graphical format to an operator, through which the operator can control the system.

We can provide HMI for information only or as full system control.

A SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system includes input/output signal hardware, controllers, HMI, communication networks and software. These systems are used for distributed measurement and control of processes and systems. In the event of a fire emergency the SCADA system can activate emergency shutdown procedures, alarms and fire protection; all of which can be tailored to your requirements.


Our fire and gas detection and control systems designed using PLCs, offer increased flexibility to expand the systems in the future, as well as interfacing to other systems. These systems offer the ability to be designed to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) ratings and have extensive functionality for logic programming.

The PLC based systems are designed using industry leading manufacture brands, (e.g. Siemens; GE Fanuc; Allen Bradley), to allow consolidated spares support with existing systems.

Various front end interfaces can be used in conjunction with the PLC to extend its functionality, such as the modular 19" rack control system; HMI (Human Machine Interface) on conventional or touch screen displays; SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).


System Monitor Module

The System Monitor Module is designed to distribute and monitor the 24VDC supply to each module within a 19" rack, and marshal the four common alarm signals - common fire, common fault, card removed, and card isolated. In the unlikely event of a short circuit within the system or in the field circuit, the System Monitor module isolates either the module supply or the field 24V supply, whilst simultaneously raising the common fault audible & visual alarms. Each System Monitor Module monitoring each rack in this way allows the other racks in the system to continue operating independently, thus increasing the integrity of the system.

Single Channel Input Module

This is a single channel digital Input module. The Input Module is capable of receiving signals from 2, 3 or 4 wire devices and can provide a fused 24V dc output to power the field device if required. The unit includes protection from reverse voltage, surge/over voltage and RF interference.

This Input module is designed to interface with Industry standard Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Manual Alarm Call Points, or any similar discrete device such as Flow switches, Push buttons, Pressure switches or Level switches. The module can support Intrinsically Safe circuit protection devices (both Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators).

Flame Detector Module

This module is designed to interface with the Detector Electronics Corporation (or similar) range of unitised UV, IR, & UV/IR Flame detectors. The Module uses the Relay Outputs from the Flame Detectors for Fire, Fault and System Healthy indication. For Flame Detectors with an Analogue Output please refer to the iD Single Channel Input Module of Analogue Input Module.

Automatic or Manual Optical Integrity testing is included as standard. The module offers protected 24V DC output to power the detector and includes protection from reverse voltage, surge/over voltage and RF interference.

Extinguishant Module

This module is designed to interface with, and control, automatic extinguishing systems such as water/foam deluge, and gaseous extinguishant protection systems. The module is designed to monitor and control Solenoid valves, used as pilot devices for Extinguishant systems.

As well as controlling Solenoid valves, the Extinguishant module is capable of interfacing with status units for provision of local indication. The module has the capability to receive detection inputs from Manual Release circuits on an "Or" logic configuration and Automatic detection inputs on an "And" logic configuration. These detection inputs are routed via iD Input modules to provide fully fault monitored detection circuits, in accordance with International Standards.

Outputs from the module include solenoid valve release signals (fault monitored) and indication outputs to remote status units for Auto / Manual initiation and extinguishant release indication in accordance with industry standards, the release output is subject to an adjustable time delay, allowing for personnel evacuation of protected areas. The module is also equipped with a release "hold" facility and release pending output to provide extra personnel protection within the protected areas.

LHD [Linear Heat Detector] Module

This is a single input module capable of accepting signals from a 4-wire re-usable linear heat detecting cable. It can also be used with 2, 3 or 4 wire resistance transducers e.g. negative temperature co-efficient thermistors PT100/1000 or positive temperature co-efficient sensors for cold liquid gas (LNG) detection.

The module offers protection from reverse voltage, surge/over voltage and RF interference.

4-20 mA Analogue Input Module

This module has 2 alarm level indicators displaying high and low level gas alarms and a 4 digit LCD display. The high gas level alarm has an associated latching relay output, while the low gas level alarm has an associated non-latching relay output. Additionally, there is one further gas level output and one fault output available.

The module offers 24V output to power field devices and includes protection from reverse voltage, surge/over voltage and RF interference. The 2 alarm levels have different ranges and output characteristics, each range being simple to set up.

The iD 4-20mA Module (with display) is for use with:

Multi Input/Output Module

This is a three input module designed to operate with intrinsically safe equipment. Each input can individually detect a signal from a call point, pressure switch, level switch or flow switch. The single output channel will operate solenoid valves to a maximum rating of 50mA (1A option available - see notes).

All inputs and outputs are designed to operate independently and can therefore be configured in any arrangement either together or interacting with other modules within the range. The module includes protection from reverse voltage, surge/over voltage and RF interference.

Extinguishant Mode Indicator Module

This module is designed to receive and indicate signal status from the Extinguishant Module (or 3rd party products) and to make available these signals via volt free relay contacts. The status signals indicated are "Auto", "Manual", "Main" and "Reserve".

The available outputs are dual pole change-over type relay contacts.

Dual Channel Output Module

This unit is a dual channel Output Module providing supervised 24VDC powered outputs for solenoid valves, electronic sounders and beacons. The Dual Channel Output Module is capable of providing outputs at up to 4 amps per channel. The module provides two independent Outputs that can be configured for either Sounder/Beacons or Solenoid valve operation.

If electronic sounders are connected, the Dual Output module can be configured to provide an intermittent tone that can be overridden by a second continuous tone for First and Second Stage alarm outputs. The module can support Intrinsically Safe circuit protection devices.

High Power Output Module

This module is predominantly designed to operate high current solenoid valves. Over-current protection is provided and modules can be supplied with a maximum output current of 8 A.

Normal operating voltage is 24V but modules can be provided for operation from 12V to 48V.

Relay Module

The Relay Module is designed to isolate and slit logic signals for use in interfacing. Each of the four channels uses active low (0V) signalling and provides dual pole change-over type relay contact outputs.

This module is available with LED indications for each channel or non-indicating type style.

MOV Module [Motorised Operator Valve]

This controller offers one output to drive a motorised valve rated to a maximum of 16 amps at 24V DC. The module is designed to give full diagnostic indication of the valve condition.

This controller is compatible with the iD range of 19" rack-mounted safety system modules and can be used as an output module.