Site Survey

Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) of Libya, one of the largest oil companies in North Africa, required an inspection and assessment of an existing Fire and Gas detection and Extinguishant system at one of their sites. The report was for the Loss Prevention as well as the Maintenance Departments, highlighting specific and relevant aspects for each.

The system, which had become prone to faults with age, was to be evaluated for its operation, functionally and obsolescence. A further assessment and evaluation was to be made into the replacement of the entire system, whilst making use of existing cabling and considering down time.

One of our team travelled to the site, located an hour's flight into the Libyan Desert and conducted the detailed survey over a four day period. The activities involved securing, isolating and activating the Control Panels before observing the functionality and operation.

A detailed report was compiled, to clearly explain the results of the survey and evaluation. This enabled the departments involved to make strategic and budgetary decisions, which resulted in the project being put out for tender.