Site Survey

We were approached by a Libyan contractor to provide Supervision of Installation on a project, where we had supplied the Gas detection system and Control Room Mimic Panels. The project was for Zueitina Oil Company of Libya, at their coastal Zueitina Terminal site and LPG plant site.

The planning aspect involved an installation survey of 19 installation locations on two main sites including the "hazardous area" LPG Plant and one mile marine tanker loading pier; planning and submitting trench routing between these locations; materials audit and project planning.

Supervision was maintained over trenching teams, (under the control of local foremen), digging the trenches, laying the cables and backfilling, and electricians installing the field equipment and local control panels. A continuous presence was maintained on site over a 14 week period with back to back rotation of supervisors.

Throughout the process a high level of communication and transparency was maintained with ZOC personnel, other equipment suppliers and site contractors.