Design & Intergration

In a project for end client, Sonatrach of Algeria, and main contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, we were required to integrate various disciplines of Fire Detection seamlessly into two Control Panels. The Control Panels were located at to separate pumping and compression sites in the remote South Eastern region of the Algerian Sahara Desert.

Our objective was to make use of the main fire equipment supplier, Kidde Products', own equipment where possible, along side our own, to monitor and control the disparate fire detection technologies. The system presented the information as a graphical user interface on a panel mounted touch screen display, as well as communicating directly to the site SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition).

Our control panel incorporated:

  • LHD (Linear Heat Detection),
  • Toxic gas and combustible gas detection,
  • UV/IR flame detection,
  • Smoke and heat detection,
  • Water mist extinguishant control,
  • Dry Powder extinguishant control, and
  • CO2 (Carbon dioxide) extinguishant control
  • Motor Siren Control

The product technologies used were:

  • Conventional 19" rack control system,
  • Analogue addressable detection
  • Extinguishant control units
  • Touch screen graphical mimic HMI (Human Machine Interface)