Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) of Libya, required a survey to assess the replacement or refurbishment of the existing Fire Protection systems across eight of their oil fields. The survey covered 41 separate "risk areas" (where there was a need to protect personnel, plant and/or product), some of which were new risk areas or where there was a change of use at the location.

The sites: Nafoora, Messla, Sarir, Tobruk, Beda, Hamada and Majid; are spread from the North East coast to deep into the Sahara Desert and across to the West of Libya. Thousands of miles were covered during the three week survey and a wealth of data compiled to present a clear assessment of the systems.

Hand drawn sketches evolved to form dimensioned CAD drawings for each "risk area", identifying cable routing and interfacing to existing systems as necessary. These, along with survey reports detailing brief summaries, recommendations, bills of materials and cost estimates were collated to compile a comprehensive report for the preparation of tender specifications.