Zueitina Oil Company's decision to replace the Ozone harmful Halon extinguishant with FM200 involved the replacement of the Fire and Gas detection and suppression systems on six of their sites. The first of the sites to be upgraded was Zella, a strategic gathering, processing and pumping station.

The risk areas to be protected were installed and commissioned in phases, but most important to the process were three Solar gas turbines used for the production of electricity to power the operation critical systems, and surrounding sites. To reduce the impact on production down time the turbines had to be taken off line; the existing fire systems decommissioned; the new fire system installed and commissioned one at a time.

The commissioning process involves verification of the installation, fault finding installation irregularities and confirmation that the installed system is compliant to the regulations and design specification. Each of the installations was functionally tested proving the design philosophy, installation integrity and operation, as well as building trust and ownership with the site personnel. A full training program on the philosophy, operation and maintenance was given to appropriate department personnel to ensure the future integrity of the system and safety of the product, plant and personnel working with it.

Lastly, after a successful proof of the system, Final Documentation of "As Built" drawings and commissioning certification were issued.